Commercial Marine Dealer & Marina Insurance

W3 Marine advisers have extensive experience providing insurance coverage for commercial marinas, boat dealers, manufacturers and marine contractors. Whether your business requires General Liability insurance with a side of Dealers Inventory or a policy that includes piers, wharves and docks, we’re here to make sure you’re covered.

Our extensive list of “A-rated” insurance companies offers us the flexibility to match coverage to each commercial marine need. Boat manufacturers laud us for our commitment to protecting their inventory. Marine contractors set sail secure that they’re covered out on the water. Marina operators and boat dealers hold comprehensive insurance policies at the most affordable rates possible – rates that we secure.

It’s W3 Marine’s pleasure to help clients weigh coverage cost against potential risks. The result is protection that addresses each commercial marine scenario. Take the guesswork out of commercial marine insurance. Contact our team today.

Boat Dealer & Marina Insurance: What to Expect

Exposures abound in the commercial marine sector. There’s marina maintenance, inventory property damage liability, pollution concerns and many more factors to consider in your risk profile. The insurance products that protect your investment are here through W3 Marine.

Our advisers’ expert guidance and access to high level markets set us apart from other marine insurance agencies. When you contact W3 Marine for a commercial marine quote, expect personalization to the max. Work with us to reveal your potential risks and safeguard against them.

We make the process as easy as a maritime breeze. When you contact W3 Marine, expect the following:

  • A W3 adviser will ask specific questions regarding your exposures.
  • After forming a general picture of your commercial marine coverage needs, specialized coverage may be advised. Coverage is then quickly bound to offer you protection as soon as possible.

Marina & Boat Dealer Insurance Coverages Available

As marine insurance advisers, we often are asked open-ended questions such as What insurance do I need? Before we give an answer, it’s imperative that we learn the nuances of each business so that every exposure is identified and covered. We’re here to customize protection, not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Most boat dealers and marinas face potential losses from many sides. Whether you’re a marina owner concerned about site maintenance safety or a boat dealer safeguarding against inventory property damage, W3 Marine has the coverage to address the challenge.

Expect to opt for marine General Liability as your baseline minimum coverage. After that’s in place, our agents will advise you regarding the need for specialized protection that includes (but is not limited to):

  • Piers, wharves & docks

  • Protection & Indemnity

  • Tools/equipment

  • Workers Compensation

  • Jones Act

  • Sudden & accidental pollution

  • Commercial property

  • Commercial auto

  • Bumbershoot coverage

Your boat dealership or marina may need a combination of the above protections. Partner with us as we mold shipshape policies and address every exposure facing your business.

Boat Insurance: Standard Coverages

We wade through some of our most commonly asked queries below (marine pun intended). Call us for additional answers.

What is Bumbershoot coverage?

Similar to an umbrella (offering an extra layer of liability protection), this coverage is designed to address marine exposures.

What exposures are typical for marine contractors?

Liability that may occur during the job. For example, someone tripping over your equipment. Another cause for concern is damage to a client’s property or that of a neighboring property/seawall. If you’re working from a barge, watercraft or pollution liabilities may exist.

As a contractor, what am I liable for?

Products and completed operations. If you’ve completed a job and an accident occurs, a third party claim may arise as a result of your work. Whether or not you have been negligent, you’ll incur legal fees in this situation. Any and all property damage or bodily injury to third parties caused by your crew’s work will be considered in claim award amounts.

Can boat manufacturers insure their raw materials against theft and destruction?

Builders risk coverage will address this exposure. It also will cover in-stock component parts. The finished products should be insured at selling price when possible.

What if a vessel I sell malfunctions?

Once you’ve completed the boat and it is sold, an accident related to your completed work could result in a third party liability claim. Your work/products will be excluded, but the liability arising from it may be covered in this case if found negligent.

Do I need USL&H coverage?

This is an area in which corporation owners can have their personal assets exposed to jury awards. Florida is surrounded by water; most inland waterways are navigable. If a land-based employee is injured, he/she may qualify for this federal benefit, which is excluded by a state workers compensation policy. Department of Labor fines of up to $10,000 and an owner’s personal assets are at risk. As a safeguard, take our brief survey to determine if you face exposure.

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